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I usually don’t post fanarts and things that fans do on this blog, but my friend, who really likes Backy, decided to make a song for her. So I am posting it here, because I liked it and everyone should be able to hear it as well. :D

TL;DR Thank.
Do you still remember my personal tradition of celebrating milestones with anthros? Well, here we go. In this particular moment, while posting this, I kinda feel that this picture is rather boring for a milestone, but well, I tried, I guess. Whatever, to the wall of text part:
Thanks everyone for your kind support by following, liking, sharing, sending fanmails, fanarts, fangirl nudes, buying me games on Steam and even material support via Patreon and donations! It is a real pleasure for me to be behind Backy.20k is way more followers then I could have imagined at the start, but I will have to admit that at some point it felt possible, and even right now I think that 20 000 followers is far from the final number. When I started this blog in February 2012 I dreamt about having a hundred or two of loyal followers I could hang out with, but with each day of posting, that number grew and grew, little by little. One day I felt like I can have lots and lots of fans who would like or even love what I do or draw, so my goal was to work even harder and become good enough at drawing and to be awesome in general so that people would feel like hanging around me, naturally. If you remember I got no major promotions or that mass promote marathon when every popular blog or artist just promote someone particular. I am (ehm… standing is a bad word) blogging here right now with my personal efforts and of course with some help of friends that I made on tumblr. I won’t name particular people though, I don’t want to accidentally forget anyone. Sure some people think that I am pretty opposite of good. That I am horrible artist in general, way too popular, do not deserve as much fans, that I am too rude or stupid. Some send me negative messages now and then or all of this together. But it is clearly worth dealing with, because there are so many wonderful people around me right now, people who make me so very happy. As you might know I kinda have no friends in real life, because I am asocial IRL, afraid to talk and stuff. So having people who are looking forward to talking to me or even becoming my friends is very overwealming. But I should shut up, because there is a lot of text and you are missing an opportunity of staring at this anthro Backy wearing random clothes I drew on her. Seriously though, if you somehow feel like she is cosplaying someone or something I didn’t use any references here. I just drew some lines to get some sort of clothes on her. You don’t want to have Backy’s soft thights being all squished together as she is trying to hide her lady parts or to see her nerviously blushing as she tries to (at least) hide her nipples, am I right? Lol joke. No Backy porn here, thats the job for other artists.Anyway, in the end, I would like to apologize, once again, for not updating Ask-Backy everyday for last couple of months, like I used to do. As you might know I am working on Candybits#2 and it takes a lot out of me, but I try my best. I promise to try updating Backy regularly when I am done with it.Cheers and sorry for wall of text, I just felt like saying something and I clearly said something. Not even sure if I should talk that much, maybe there is a lot of triggers in what I wrote or something. But “read more” button should hide all that anyway, not that anyone is obligated to even read all this. Oh well, if you know me it is just hard for me to say it straight forward: I love you all.

TL;DR Thank.

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